Tripod & Turnstile

We provide high-performance Tripod & Turnstiles for commercial entrance automation and complete solution as the initial level security at all entry and exit points. Our products are rugged, durable and reliable enough to withstand all sort of environments.

Key Benefits:

These devices can be easily integrated with the biometric device and RFID technology, IOT controllers or with other customized applications for better automation and tracking of all entrance and exits.

  • Standby mode when the device is idle
  • The compact mechanism Drop arm designed for emergency purpose
  • No exposed screws, safer for the user
  • The smooth operation designed for mass transit application
  • Anti-tailgate feature
  • The pictogram on the device indicating access permission and direction of movement
  • Specially designed case shape, user-friendly for passenger to punch card or finger.


Boom Barrier, Flap Barrier

Barriers are the ideal choice for heavy duty operation. When the requirement is a combination of maintenance free operation and aesthetic looks

Key Benefits:

Flap Barriers is intelligent passage management system. It possesses superiority incomparable with the traditional management mode. Flap Barriers are control of right passenger for passing, great deal of man power and material.

  • 100 % duty cycle operation
  • No limit switch. Works on encoder based technology.
  • Easy installation and maintenance free operation which reduces your labor cost
  • Manual option in case of power failure
  • Heavy-duty, weather-proof and simple-design housing with colour code of your choice
  • Anti-collision (swing-away mechanism) protects boom arm for a 3m fast operation